New Products

Improve your engine performance with state-of-art electronic ignition system, ignition conversion kits, timing kits, bolt on kit and other ignition components. We offer the most exclusive design models of ignition system for industry’s robust small gas engine types such as the Saito, OS, Moki, 3W, Evolution, DA, DLE, ZDZ and many other RC engines manufactured around the world; for maximum efficiency and reliability. We also offer a full-range of ignitions to convert Radial Engines from 3 to 9 Cylinders, 4 – 8“ V “, Inline or style configuration. Our wide-range of CH CDI Ignition and RCEXL CDI Ignition designs can accommodate virtually 99% of RC/UAV and other applications engines. We will ignite your passion for better performance!

All products are available for a reasonable price structure. You can order them online or call us – (561)927-6171 for any further details.