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CH Ignitions provides an economical solution to convert a wide variety of engines to GLOW CDI or Gasoline conversion. CH Ignitions are used to convert over many engines from OEM CDI to CH CDI , add GLOW CDI or Gasoline Conversions.
Engines: 3W, ZDZ, Moki, Saito, OS, DLE, DA, Zenoah, Brison, Sachs, Ryobi, McColloh and many more: Virtually we can convert 99% of the engines.

Many get confused when it comes to RC engine conversion. It is not an easy task to convert a regular engine to an engine suitable for your next RC project, but we have got you covered. CH Ignitions has a wide array of CDI conversion techniques that will make your task easy. You can use our versatile ignitions over any engine including the famous Saito, Moki, 3W,OS,ZDZ,ROTO engines. Here is just a small list of engines our ignition can be used to convert.

If your engine is not on our list please contact us and we will make that conversion engine FREE, just pay the shipping back and forth.  We are a phone call away 561 927 6171

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