Keleo Saito FG-33R3 Radial Exhaust Ring

Keleo Saito FG-33R3 Radial Exhaust Ring

Keleo Saito FG-60R3 Radial Exhaust Ring

Saito FG-60R3

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Saito FG-60R3

Click Here for Installation Manual (PDF)

Ring dimensions: Weight: 6.9 oz

Ring dimensions: Saito FG 60R3 Diameter: 8-3/16
Inner Diameter: 6-15/16
Diameter of tubing 5/8

Exhaust ring for the Saito FG-60R3 radial engine. This ring is especially nice if you plan on cowling in the engine and exhaust to be directed out the bottom.

The exhaust stack is at the bottom and long enough to fit most applications. Simply cut off the excess. When installed, it has a clean look and a cool sound.

The Saito FG-60R3 ring comes with special adapter nuts for mounting the ring to the engine and it comes with a fuel pressure fitting which is to be plumbed to the vent line on the fuel tank for the purpose of applying fuel pressure to the engine. Engine baffles are offered and can be found in the Catalog under Baffles

For installation help download the manual and watch the video! Both are on the tabs above.

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